Terrarium Christmas Ornaments DIY Crafting Tutorial


I made these terrarium Christmas ornaments last week, and was so pleased with the way they turned out, I thought I’d post a DIY tutorial for them! This will be an easier craft for those with a moderate amount of crafting experience, though I’ve tried to make the tutorial as easy to follow as possible.

Terrarium Ornament Supplies:

  • Large or medium sized clear plastic craft ornaments (Glass ornaments could also be used, but be cautious, as they will break if too much force is applied.)
  • Real moss
  • Fake greenery, tiny pinecones, acorns, etc. – anything you want to use that will fit through the mouth of the ornament!
  • Fake snow
  • Thin ribbon
  • Tacky glue
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors
  • Dowel rod, unsharpened pencil, etc.
  • Plastic funnel
  • Small flat paint brush
  • Water jar and rag to clean brush


Make Your Terrarium Ornaments:

First of all, you may want to protect your work surface – the tacky glue and snow can get a little messy!

Remove the silver cap of the ornament, and use your paint brush to coat the inside bottom of the ornament with a thick layer of tacky glue.

Next, stuff moss into the ornament’s mouth, and use the dowel rod or pencil to press a layer of moss into the bottom of the ornament.

While the tacky glue dries a bit, plug in your glue gun and begin heating it up, and decide what you want to use inside the ornament. You could also use this chance to clean the glue out of your brush.

When your glue gun is ready, coat the bottom of your chosen objects with a few drops of hot glue, and carefully guide them through the ornament’s mouth to press them into place in the moss, using the dowel rod.

When you’re finished, use your funnel to pour a layer of fake snow into the ornament. Replace the silver cap.

The tacky glue will look white in the bottom of the ornament until it’s dry. When your glue is dry, you should be able to shake your ornament like a snow globe and see the snow drift while everything else stays in place.

When your ornament is finished, cut a length of ribbon to hang the ornament with. You could also use your hot glue gun to decorate the outside of the ornament with more fake greenery, like I did.

If you’re interesting in trying more Christmas craft ideas, you can also try my mason jar snow globe tutorial.


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