Art Doll Postcards – New in My Etsy Shop

Sets of 2 – 3 art doll cards are now available for purchase in my Etsy shop! Each of these postcards are professionally printed, standard 4 by 6 cards, and have otherwise blank backs printed with my shop name and information. These are perfect for sending a note to a friend, but also high quality enough for framing as mini prints.

I wanted to bring some variety back to my shop, and offer a few more affordable options for my customers. Right now I’m offering five different sets of cards, each featuring a different doll. I’m offering the sets of two cards at $5.50 plus shipping, and the sets of three at $8.00 plus shipping.

The Mary Poppins Postcard Pack

Three postcards with images of Mary Poppins flying through the sky with her parrot-headed umbrella!

The Peter Pan Postcard Pack

Three cards showing my Peter Pan art doll soaring through a sky of stars.

The Mad Tea Party Postcard Set

These two postcards each feature one of my Alice in Wonderland art dolls attending the Mad Tea Party.

The Fairy Tea Postcard Set

These two postcards are my favorite! They feature images of a miniature fairy tea party that I once set up in my backyard.

The Secret Garden Postcard Pack

Three postcards featuring images of my Mary Lennox and Dickon art dolls created for a project centered around Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden.

Shop all the postcards here.


New Happenings in my Etsy Shop!

Hello Everyone!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and I’ve been decking my Etsy shop out in pink and red! Are you looking for a fun and unique alternative to a traditional Valentine’s card? How about one of my Alice zines? They’re priced about the same as a greeting card, and come with glitter and hearts included! Inside, you’ll find 2 front and back pages of original stories and pretend ads, plus hand-colored versions of John Tenniel’s illustrations, and a Queen Alice or White Rabbit paper stick puppet!

Click to view or purchase
Click to view or purchase

I’ve also added a few listings to make it easier to commission a custom art doll. If you’ve ever dreamed of creating a custom doll based on your favorite literary character, or even poem or play, I’d love to create a doll for you! Each listing represents the three price points available, and outlines what is available for that price point, and the process for starting your commission. Every doll I make is hand sewn and painted with lots of care and attention to detail. As an avid reader myself, I love working with others who have favorite stories and characters!

The lowest price point creates a smaller doll without accessories, but with elaborate and detailed costuming.

Click to view or purchase
Click to view or purchase

The second price point creates a larger doll with accessories.

Click to view or purchase
Click to view or purchase

And the third price point creates a jointed doll painted with oil paints.

Click to view or purchase
Click to view or purchase

I hope to see you in my shop!

A Final Wonderland Surprise!

You’ve met all the dolls, but Wonderland still has one final surprise!

I had so much fun creating new stories for each of my Wonderland art dolls, that I knew I had to do something with them. As I wrote, I began to think of myself as a newspaper reporter, and that gave me an idea of how I could use the doll’s stories. The Wonderland Times was born!

This little “newspaper” zine contains all five dolls’ stories in the format of newspaper articles, as well as four make-believe “ads”. Under headlines like “Alice Crowned Queen of Wonderland”, “The White Rabbit Unfit for Alice’s Cabinet?”, and “The Mad Hatter Tells All (Or At Least Some of It)”, you’ll find the story of Alice’s political coup, secrets of the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen, and learn what it’s really like to be the Dormouse.

The zine is printed on 2 front and back pages of 8 1/2 x 11 silky heavy-weight paper, folded into fourths and protected by a plastic envelope. Hand colored prints of John Tenniel’s classic illustrations decorate the zine.

Each copy will come with a handmade paper doll stick puppet of either Queen Alice or the White Rabbit. I can just imagine these as fun tea party or birthday party favors!

“The Wonderland Times” will soon be on my etsy site (, but until then, you can email me at if you would like to place an order for the zines, or inquire about any of my Wonderland dolls!

Introducing, the Mad Hatter!

The Mad Hatter is a secretive sort of fellow, one who has worn many hats in life but rarely boasts of them. In the beginning of the Red Queen’s reign, the Mad Hatter was her personal haberdasher, before falling out of favor at a choral event for the Red Queen’s birthday. “Music was never my strong suit,” the Mad Hatter admits.

After his dismissal, the Mad Hatter amazingly managed to keep both his head and his very special pocket watch – a gift from the queen, which acts as a portal into the palace. These facts have caused many to speculate on what exactly his relationship with the Red Queen was, but the Mad Hatter declined to comment, except to say that in his days as royal haberdasher he used the pocket watch to bring his new creations to the Red Queen.

Rumor has it that on the night of the queen’s disposal, the Mad Hatter used his pocket watch for a very different purpose, one which was of vital importance to Alice’s political coup. The Mad Hatter declined to comment on this matter as well, though he was happy to explain how the magnificent pocket watch works. “It’s very simple, really,” he said. “You simply unlock the face, and then turn the hands to 4:00 – tea time.”

On the matter of Alice, the Mad Hatter had more to say. “It was I who discovered her, you know,” he claimed. “It was back during my quarrel with Time, and the Perpetual Tea Party. The Time wasn’t right for the throne to change hands then, but I knew that Alice would return. The March Hare and I immediately began work on the pocket watch portal – hadn’t used it for years, you know – so that it would be ready for the day Alice came back.”

At this, the Mad Hatter hastily made his exit, murmuring about a cup of tea and some toast with jam that was waiting on him, perhaps realizing that he had said more than he intended.

Introducing the Amazing, Shrinking Alice!

For a very curious little girl, the tiny bottle was the ultimate temptation.

The bottle was only two inches high, filled with a glowing red liquid the color of current jam, and stopped with a cork. It boasted a paper tag marked with sparkling golden letters: Drink me. Alice obliged, of course. Such a curious sensation followed, of being blown apart into tiny fragments that then bunched themselves up tighter and tighter – and looking up to realize that the little glass table was miles above her head, and the tiny bottle she was holding as big as herself! Shutting up like a telescope indeed!

Introducing, the White Rabbit!

The White Rabbit is the eldest and the most controversial of Queen Alice’s advisers. Though rather advanced in age and timid by nature, the White Rabbit’s sage advice has prevented many governmental catastrophes. Furthermore, the White Rabbit, as he is fond of reminding anyone who will listen, was the very person to first find Alice and lead her to Wonderland. However, many citizens of Wonderland remember his prominent position in the Red Queen’s court, and view his country manor and servants as remnants of the old ways of life under her rule. Never sharp and punctual to begin with, the White Rabbit has grown even more forgetful with age. He could not be reached for comment, because he apparently forgot his appointment with a reporter.

The White Rabbit may be my favorite of all my Wonderland art dolls – don’t tell the others! If you are interested in purchasing him, or any of the others, you can email me at

Introducing, the Dormouse!

It’s not easy being the Dormouse.

When you’re the Dormouse, everyone talks over you, and orders you about, and wakes you up from naps. The Dormouse nevertheless wore his best outfit to the Mad Hatter’s tea party – Or was it a garden party? A dinner soiree? – fully expecting to end up stuffed in the teapot again. Still, a mouse – even a mouse who can’t stay awake long enough to remember where he is – must keep up appearances.