The Free Folk is Having a Labor Day Sale

The Free Folk is running a 2017 Labor Day sale to make room for more inventory! Beginning this Saturday, August 26th, through Monday, September 4th, all items in my Etsy shop $10 and above are on sale. You can also use the coupon code “LABORDAY17” at checkout to additionally receive free shipping on all sale items. Happy shopping!


The Free Folk was Featured in a Beautiful Blog Article


I’m so honored to have been featured in a beautiful article by fellow blogger The Wild Juniper! The Wild Juniper posts weekly artist features in the Lifestyles section of her blog, and looking back over her past posts, she’s picked some fantastic artists and makers that I can’t wait to check out!

Leah, head of The Wild Juniper, is an incredible writer who perfectly captured the way that I work and how stories shape and inspire every aspect of my art – and the rest of my everyday life! I hope you’ll take the time to read the full feature here, and to view more of my dolls in my Etsy shop!

My Etsy Shop is Reopening

vintage art doll with spring flowers and the free folk logo

The Free Folk has made it across the US and we’re settling into our new home in Seattle! As of today, my Etsy shop is officially open and we’re ready to begin taking orders again. I’ve got it all dressed up for spring with new art! Our road trip was both exhausting and wonderful, and I’ll be sharing some photos of the journey on my blog over the course of this week. Happy shopping!

New Art Doll Custom Order Options from The Free Folk

My custom order options are changing! My new options better reflect the current techniques and materials I’m using in my doll making, and give you a new option to purchase a personalized jointed art doll like Blush or Rose.

Paperclay Peter Pan art doll by The Free Folk
My $300 option has changed so that you can commission a custom cloth and Paperclay doll like Peter Pan.

My $300 option has changed to eliminate the possibility of purchasing an oil-painted cloth doll, which has been replaced by the option to purchase a cloth doll with a Paperclay head and hands. In addition, a $400 option has been added, with the option to purchase your own personalized jointed Paperclay doll.

two jointed cloth and Paperclay art dolls by The Free Folk
An example of my new $400 custom jointed Paperclay doll option.

You can view all the custom options on my Etsy site, or under the “custom order options” tab above.


The Free Folk is Going on a Road Trip!

At the end of March, my husband and I will be leaving New York to move cross-country to the Pacific Northwest. During this time, The Free Folk will be on a break, returning in mid-late April. My Etsy shop will be temporarily closed starting today, and I’ll need to take a month off of posting.

While I will attempt to reply to Etsy conversations and Facebook messages during this time, please be aware that I will be spending a week or more on the road and may not always have access to an internet connection.

When I return, I’ll share some photos of our trip, along with a very special project which I’ve been working on and is almost complete!

See you soon!

Introducing, Queen Alice!

There’s a new queen in Wonderland.

After her notoriously unfair trail of the Jack of Hearts, the Red Queen was dispossessed, and her tyrannical reign of terror came to an end. The wise, far – traveling Alice was called back to Wonderland to take her place as the new queen. This quite upset the Playing Card Families, who had seen themselves as the rightful nobility and ruling candidates. Alice, however, merely poo-pooed their objections, saying famously “Let them drink tea!” and signaling the Mad Hatter to fill up their tea cups.

Once crowned, Alice immediately set about implementing reform. In Alice’s Wonderland, everyone eats tea cake every day, free stories are told in the palace, during which anyone can ask as many questions as they like, and governesses and icky older brothers are outlawed. Most importantly for the people of Wonderland, there have been no more beheadings,  although there has begun a new fashion of growing “nine miles high” in honor of their new monarch’s heroic actions at that fateful trail of the Jack.

Myself, My Story, My Studio

My desk and inspiration journal

Etsy recently launched a new page for sellers who use their site, inviting artists to tell the story behind what they make. This made me super excited, and I immediately started snapping photos and journaling about why I feel compelled to create art dolls. Creating the new page for my Etsy shop inspired me to share those photos and my story here too:

textile art doll in creams and peaches by the free folk
Sonnet, one of my cloth art dolls

The Free Folk: One of a kind art dolls inspired by literature.

I never really grew out of playing with dolls. When I discovered art dolls, I soon realized that this was the perfect outlet for my creativity. Making dolls combines my love for sewing and painting with the joy of creating new characters, each with their own life and story. I started out by creating art dolls based on my favorite fairy tales, but soon expanded to creating dolls inspired by all of my favorite stories – of which there are many!

cloth art doll in victorian clothing holding a bird's nest
All of my cloth dolls and their clothing are handstitched from my own patterns

Doll making is one of the oldest art forms, first used by early tribes to accompany their story-telling rituals. By making dolls based upon the classic stories of my own time, I feel a connection to this long tradition.

a work in progress photo of sculpting paperclay art doll heads
Sculpting Paperclay dolls

Each of my art dolls is one of a kind and entirely hand sculpted and stitched from my own pattern, painted with oil or watercolors, and brought to life with tiny hand-stitched outfits and carefully crafted accessories. Whenever possible, I love incorporating old and found objects such as antique buttons, keys, trimmings, and doll shoes into my work. There’s a certain magic in old things with a history and story, and I feel that this history contributes to the stories that make my art dolls unique.

a miniature art doll's pocket watch that is handmade from watch parts
A tiny handmade doll’s pocket watch

You can view the full page on my Etsy site.