A Doll in Time for Christmas

In October, I added the option on my etsy site for parents, grandparents, etc to have me create a very special personalized doll just for their child. Since then, the response has been fantastic!

My first order was for matching “Big Sister, Little Sister” dolls for a little girl and her new baby sister. I loved the idea, and I think they turned out super cute! They baby sister ended up having a huge personality, and they both seem a bit quirky… Their outfits ended up a little vintage-inspired, with Baby’s lace bonnet, and Big Sister’s yellow dress and sweater set.

My favorite picture from their photo shoot!
Two Kitty-Eared Sisters
Big Sister

My last order before Christmas was from a mom who wanted to give her little girl, whose nickname is “Little Squirrel”, a very special gift for Christmas – a squirrel girl doll! Creating a doll with a little squirrel tail was a unique request and a challenge, but I had a lot of fun with it too! Her daughter also loved flowers, fairies, and butterflies, so this doll’s theme was right up my alley!

Squirrel is dressed in lots and lots of fabric flowers!
My favorite picture from Squirrel's photo shoot!
Squirrel in the Garden

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