DIY Christmas Craft: Make your Own Mason Jar Snow Globes

It’s really easy to make your own mason jar snow globes, just like those in my Etsy shop.  I’ve seen these featured everywhere from Southern Living to the aisles of Target, but there’s no need to splurge for these when you can easily make your own! These mason jar snow globes are a fun Christmas craft and can be made fairly quickly in a large batch, and make great decorations and gifts.



  • Old tablecloth, newspaper, etc. to cover your workspace
  • Mason jars of various sizes
  • Snow-Tex (available at most crafts stores)
  • Silver glitter craft paint (with a clear base)
  • Water jar and stiff paint brushes
  • Miniature Christmas trees of various sizes
  • Bag of fake snow (fine, powdery snow works better than larger plastic flakes)


Make your Snow Globes

First, cover your workspace. This could get messy!

Remove the tops of your mason jars and separate the lids and the rims. Use a stiff paintbrush to glob Snow-Tex around the outside of the metal rim from each of your lids, so that they are completely covered. Set these aside.

Use your paintbrush to cover the base of your miniature trees with Snow-Tex as well, and dab a little Snow-Tex into the trees so that they appear to be filled with snow. Don’t overdo this – a little is better than too much.

Next, take your mason jar lids, and liberally glob Snow-Tex onto the inside of each one (the side which will be facing the inside of the jar), leaving a clear ring around the edge which will sit against the rim of the jar. Press the bases of your miniature trees down into the Snow-Tex, arranging them in groups or singly, however you like. Just be careful not to allow any of the tree bases to enter the clear ring of the lid.

Allow the Snow-Tex to dry for a couple of days before moving forward. When the Snow-Tex is dry, it will harden and secure the trees to the lids.


Once your Snow-Tex is dry, use your glitter paint and paintbrush to add glitter over your Snow-Tex on the lids, lid rims, and trees. Again, err on the side of caution with this step, as it’s better to use only a little than to overdo it.

Next, pour about 1/2 inch of your fake snow into the bottom of each of your mason jars. Top each jar with a lid, turning your trees upside down and guiding them into the jars. Secure each lid with a rim.

Turn your jars over, and watch the snow settle over your winter forest scene!


Looking for more fun DIY tutorials? Try the tutorial section of my blog.


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