Jointed $400 Doll

Jointed Dolls
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Do you really love Alice? Crazy for Shakespeare or Victorian novels? Or ever dreamed of designing a doll based on a more obscure character you love, but can never find? I’d love to make a custom doll just for you!

This is my most “advanced” and labor-intensive doll available. Please keep in mind that these dolls can take several months and countless hours of hand stitching, sculpting, painting, jointing, and outfit creation to make.

This price includes:

  • Hand-sewn doll, 22-24 inches tall, with soft body and upper limbs
  • Head, lower limbs, feet, and hands sculpted with Paperclay and painted with watercolors
  • Soft-jointed shoulders and hips, hing jointed lower limbs, wrists, and ankles
  • Wool or mohair wig
  • Original hand-sewn clothing, underclothes, shoes, and possible “jewelry,” all of which will be removable
  • Certificate of authenticity