My Etsy Shop has Reopened!

I’m still getting settled into my new home (sometimes the unpacking and the boxed furniture that needs to be put together feels as if it will never end!), but my Etsy shop is now up online and my finished items are available to purchase. During my time away, Etsy rolled out a new shop format which I’m still tinkering with. Take a look and tell me what you think (and if you’re a fellow Etsy seller, let me know what you think of the changes)!

I have yet to unpack my art supplies or set up my workspace, so it may be a little while before I’m able to continue my progress on Blush and Rose. I’m so close to being finished with them, though, and I can’t wait to show you the final product when I’m able!


DIY Craft Tutorial: How to Make Miniature Spell Bottles

magic miniatures bottles

I had so much fun making these miniature magic spell bottles for my own project, that I thought I would share with all of you! This DIY tutorial is extremely simple, and these cute spell bottles would make a great Halloween addition to your doll house.


  • miniature glass bottles with corks (found in most craft stores)
  • loose glitter and/or glitter craft paint
  • white printer paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • small paintbrush and water jar
  • tacky glue
  • items for filling your bottles – get creative! I used loose glitter for fairy dust, a fluffy white feather for dreams, miniature watch parts for time, red thread for desire, wishbone pendants for wishes, and fake craft snow for Christmas snow


You’ll probably want to first cover your workplace – as I’m sure you know, glitter goes everywhere!

Fill your bottles however you like, then use your small paintbrush to paint around the rims of the bottles with tacky glue. Replace the corks. When the glue dries, the bottles will be sealed.

Create tiny labels on printer paper to paste on your bottles. I wrote on the paper with a gel pen first, before cutting out the labels. You could also type the labels up on the computer in small decorative font, if you don’t trust your handwriting. I also outlined some of my labels in gold paint or black pen.

Use the paintbrush and tacky glue to paste the labels to the bottles. I also painted over some of them with “magic” glitter craft paint, or you could paint over them with more tacky glue and sprinkle on some loose glitter.

Once your handmade spell bottles are dry, they’re ready for use in making a miniature scene or as an addition to your doll house.

Looking for more fun craft tutorials? Try the tutorial section of my blog.

A Final Wonderland Surprise!

You’ve met all the dolls, but Wonderland still has one final surprise!

I had so much fun creating new stories for each of my Wonderland art dolls, that I knew I had to do something with them. As I wrote, I began to think of myself as a newspaper reporter, and that gave me an idea of how I could use the doll’s stories. The Wonderland Times was born!

This little “newspaper” zine contains all five dolls’ stories in the format of newspaper articles, as well as four make-believe “ads”. Under headlines like “Alice Crowned Queen of Wonderland”, “The White Rabbit Unfit for Alice’s Cabinet?”, and “The Mad Hatter Tells All (Or At Least Some of It)”, you’ll find the story of Alice’s political coup, secrets of the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen, and learn what it’s really like to be the Dormouse.

The zine is printed on 2 front and back pages of 8 1/2 x 11 silky heavy-weight paper, folded into fourths and protected by a plastic envelope. Hand colored prints of John Tenniel’s classic illustrations decorate the zine.

Each copy will come with a handmade paper doll stick puppet of either Queen Alice or the White Rabbit. I can just imagine these as fun tea party or birthday party favors!

“The Wonderland Times” will soon be on my etsy site (, but until then, you can email me at if you would like to place an order for the zines, or inquire about any of my Wonderland dolls!

I’m Finished!

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve finished all five dolls in my Wonderland project!

Right now I’m preparing for my Mad Tea Party photo shoot of my dolls, making a few little cakes and candies, and the paper banner above, to go with my tea set. After my photo shoot, I’ll introduce each doll on a separate day, posting their pictures on my facebook page, and here on my blog, where I’ll also share the special little story I’ve written to go along with each of them. I’m also working on a special surprise that I’ll reveal on the final day!

I can’t wait to introduce you to Queen Alice, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, the Amazing Shrinking Alice, and the Dormouse!

For those of you that have missed previous posts, here’s a few of my favorite work in progress pictures to get you excited about the final reveal!

The White Rabbit Work in Progress
The Dormouse Work in Progress
Queen Alice Work in Progress

DIY Summer Craft: Making Mason Jar Beach Terrariums

inside of a mason jar beach terrarium with shells and moss

These mason jar beach terrariums are a super fun summer craft idea, and their tutorial is even easier to follow than that for my moss terrariums. These beach terrariums would make beautiful summer decor or gifts. In one sitting, you can make enough to decorate your own home and to give to your friends!

Beach Terrarium Materials:

  • mason jar with a lid- I love using blue mason jars for these, because it’s like looking into the ocean!
  • small bag of white decorative sand – available at craft stores
  • shells, driftwood, brown moss, or anything else you want to go into your terrarium
  • modge podge or other clear drying glue
  • paintbrush with long handle
  • newspaper or old tablecloth to cover your work surface
  • ribbon, raffia – optional
  • glue gun – optional


1. Cover your work surface! The sand and glue can make this a messy project.

2. Unscrew the lid of your glass jar. Use your paintbrush to coat the bottom and about 1/4 of the sides of the jar with modge podge.

3. Pour sand up to the glue line. The glue will help keep the sand from moving around too much in the jar.

4. Add shells, moss, driftwood, etc, and arrange to make a pretty beach scene. Replace jar lid.

5. If desired, decorate the outside of the jar with ribbon, raffia, or larger shells using a low temp glue gun.

6. Allow glue to dry. Avoid tipping the terrarium or turning it upside down, to keep the sand from burying the shells. No other care needed!

Looking for more DIY mason jar craft posts? Try the tutorial section of my blog.

Beach Terrariums

I’ve finally found a way to bring the beach home with me: by creating beautiful beach terrariums with shells and sand.

I was one of those kids who wanted to pick up every shell on the beach.We went to the same small beach and stayed in the same house every summer then. It was like a second home – one that stayed the same throughout all of the moves of my childhood.

One of my favorite summer memories is of gathering shells: waking up early when the salty breeze was still cool, walking barefoot on the wet grey sand while the sun came up, my red plastic bucket banging against my shins, the little fragments of shell crunching underneath my feet. I wanted to take them all home; no shell was too small or too fractured to escape my notice.

Mom tried to explain to me that the point of the hunt was to find the perfect ones, the big ones, the unusual ones, but I picked up everything. Afterwards I would wash them off in the cold ocean, crying if the waves stole any of them back, and then take them back to the beach house, to line them up on the porch railings to dry in the sun.

This summer, I sat in my studio and stared at my forest terrariums, and knew that I had to try making some with sand and shells.

Here’s some pictures of what I’ve created so far:

The first beach terrarium that I made featured a cast iron mermaid that I purchased at my local flea market, and had never found a way to use.

I love the starfish on this terrarium that I created in an antique blue mason jar.

I made this teeny tiny beach terrarium in an antique bottle that my boyfriend and I found in the woods. A wire covered in white plastic anchors a small conch shell into its cork.

These terrariums are currently for sale in my Etsy shop, but if you’d like to try making your own, I’ve also put up this simple DIY tutorial for them.

Jane Eyre’s Suitcase

While I’m waiting for Jane’s paint to dry, I’ve been working on some of her accessories. Since my idea behind the doll is that I wanted to create her at the point in her story when she’s on her way to Thornfield Hall, she had to have a suitcase!

Jane’s suitcase is made from a simple miniature wooden suitcase that I purchased from a crafts store. I used torn pieces of scrapbook paper to decoupage over the wood, and added leather straps. I also tried to cover the handle in leather, although it didn’t turn out quite as nicely as I was hoping for! Jane’s suitcase also has two paper luggage tags with her name and “Thornfield Hall, England” written on them, and a tiny luggage key.

Inside, I lined the suitcase with plaid fabric in similar colors as the paper. A hand-bound leather book (my fingertips are still screaming!!) will go inside of Jane’s suitcase, for her to carry with her to her new home. I also put together her tiny pocket watch, made out of a little locket, paper clock face, and tiny watch parts held together with super glue. The pheasant feather in the suitcase is going to go on Jane’s hat. I can’t wait to get started on her outfit!