The Free Folk was Featured in a Beautiful Blog Article


I’m so honored to have been featured in a beautiful article by fellow blogger The Wild Juniper! The Wild Juniper posts weekly artist features in the Lifestyles section of her blog, and looking back over her past posts, she’s picked some fantastic artists and makers that I can’t wait to check out!

Leah, head of The Wild Juniper, is an incredible writer who perfectly captured the way that I work and how stories shape and inspire every aspect of my art – and the rest of my everyday life! I hope you’ll take the time to read the full feature here, and to view more of my dolls in my Etsy shop!

New Fairy Tale Shadowbox Art: “The Key in the Forest”

A key shimmers in the forest, hanging from the bough of a tree. What is it to? Where does it lead?

miniature diorama of a magical fairytale forest

For “The Key in the Forest” I was able to try out a new art medium combining painting and miniatures: creating a magical fairy tale shadowbox!

magical forest diorama art by The Free Folk

I created the magic-mirror-style sliding lid I used with this wooden box and the tiny clay mushrooms which peep up from the moss several months ago, but wasn’t sure how I wanted to use them. Later, after a tree was cut down in my neighborhood, I came across a bundle of sticks that looked remarkably like slender dark trees, and found an interesting miniature key hidden at the bottom of my drawer of charms and beads. I began to imagine a dark forest growing behind a mirror, a tiny forest which could fit in the palm of my hand, and a magic key hidden there…

“The Key in the Forest” is created in a wooden box about 7 inches high by 5 inches wide by 4 inches deep. The cardboard sliding lid was made by me and painted with watercolors and gilt. Inside, all four sides of the box are painted to resemble a fairy tale forest. Sticks form the forest’s dark trees, and moss carpets the forest floor and creates the trees’ canopy. Handmade clay mushrooms peep out from the forest floor, and in the center of the scene hangs a shimmering miniature key.

The piece is signed and dated on the back, where its name is also written. It is available for purchase now in my Etsy shop here.

The Rainy Forests of Washington

My hubby, corgi, and I are still settling into our new home in Seattle, which I’ll use as my excuse for why I haven’t been as active on this blog as I have in the past. This past weekend we went hiking near Washington’s Franklin Falls, and I was able to get some shots of the area’s beautiful rainy green forests.

cabins, river, and forest at franklin falls near seattle, wa

With all of the tasks that come with moving across the country behind me, I’ve finally been able to spend some time working on a few art projects which have been brewing in my mind for a while. I should have lots more to share in the coming weeks!

Road Trip Photography, Part 1: Desert Blooms

My husband and I recently completed a road trip to Seattle, Washington from North Carolina. We spent three days driving through desert in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and Southern California. We hit a scary thunderstorm in New Mexico, but when we got to Southern California, all of the desert flowers were in bloom. Driving into green, lush Sonoma Valley on day four, after so many days spent in the desert, felt a little surreal!

photography of vineyard in sonoma valley, california

My Etsy Shop is Reopening

vintage art doll with spring flowers and the free folk logo

The Free Folk has made it across the US and we’re settling into our new home in Seattle! As of today, my Etsy shop is officially open and we’re ready to begin taking orders again. I’ve got it all dressed up for spring with new art! Our road trip was both exhausting and wonderful, and I’ll be sharing some photos of the journey on my blog over the course of this week. Happy shopping!