Pacific Northwest Travel Photography Part 2: Into the Blue

During last week’s trip through the Pacific Northwest, I shot so many photos of Washington and Oregon’s cities, forests, mountains, and coast that I want to share! I’m splitting them up into three parts and sharing them through the end of this week. If you missed Part 1: Forests of Light, you can see those photos here.

The photos below were shot in Portland and Seattle, as well as on Oregon’s beautiful rugged coast and Washington’s awe-inspiring Hurricane Ridge. As you can see from our smiling faces, my hubby and I were having a great time exploring all these amazing places!

Part 2: Into the Blue

blue and white horse photography shot on farm in washington
Horse on Washington’s Vashon Island
travel photography of driftwood trees and cliffs on oregon's coast
Driftwood Trees on the Rugged Oregon Coast
hipsters at seattle's pike place market
Pike Place Market, Seattle

Pacific Northwest Travel Photography Part 1: Forests of Light

I spent last week exploring the Pacific Northwest and shooting photos of Washington and Oregon, and I have so many shots of the forests, mountains, and coast there that I want to share! I’ll be splitting them up into three parts and sharing them through this weekend.

The photos below were shot in Washington’s amazing Hoh Rainforest, on the rugged Oregon Coast, and during a day spent on Washington’s Vashon Island. The Hoh Rainforest especially provided a lot of wonderful inspiration for the forest-themed art dolls I’m currently working on, and for the story I’m writing about an enchanted forest.

Part 1: Forests of Light

misty photography of a forest on the coast of oregon
Oregon’s Misty Coastal Forests
photography of sunlight on a mountain river in olympic national park
Cedars by the River in Olympic National Park
enchanted forest photography of mossy trees, ferns, and sunlight
The Green and Gold Forests of the Hoh Rainforest
photography of golden afternoon sun on an enchanted pond and gardens
Golden Sunlight on Vashon Island
fairy tale forest photography with sunlight and green, shot in the hoh rainforest
The Green Enchantment of the Hoh Rainforest

“Little Mouse-Skin,” the Miniature Hand-Bound Fairy Tale

miniature hand-bound fairy tale book

“Once upon a time, there lived a tiny girl on whom had been placed an enchantment, so that in her sleep each night she became a small white mouse…”

In the process of creating my very special “Little Mouse-Skin” art doll project, I began to imagine a story for my doll, a tiny fairy tale to fit the scale I was working on. Thus the short tale “Little Mouse-Skin: A Fairy Tale of Miniature Proportions” was born.

miniature hand-bound paper book of a fairy tale

“When the girl dreamed, her delicate tail curled around herself, she dreamed of her nose twitching in the morning air, of the brush of soft fur, of the smell of the earth and the warm winter sleep in her underground lair. Because of this enchantment, the girl was known to the other inhabitants of the forest as Little Mouse-Skin…”

miniature hand-bound illustrated fairy tale book

Though my art doll set includes a professionally printed copy of the tale, I also dreamed of creating a little miniature version entirely on my own. The story – one of enchantment and surprising transformations, written in traditional fairy tale language – I felt needed a beautiful and unique binding to match. I began painting and photographing my own watercolor illustrations to go along with the story, and spent a long time figuring out how best to scale, paginate, and print my own little book.

"once upon a time" page in an illustrated miniature fairy tale book

“Though the other creatures of the forest came in pairs, from the blind moles underground to the singing birds of the air, Little Mouse-Skin found that there was no creature who made a pair to herself…”

The finished hand-bound miniature book is approximately 2×4 inches and printed on silky heavy-weight paper, the story accented with my own printed watercolor illustrations. The first edition is hand-bound with moss green wax thread and a pink crystal bead, and features unique end papers, hand torn antiqued pages, and decorated covers.

miniature illustrated fairy tale book with flowers and vines

The first edition is currently available in my Etsy shop. If it sells, my plan is to continue to make the miniature books to order, with each one being a little different and truly one of a kind.

“Little Mouse-Skin,” a Miniature Art Doll With Her Own Fairy Tale

It all started with a box. It was a box a new cell phone came in, perfectly white, with three tiny sections which I knew would be perfect to hold… something. A tiny doll? A mouse? A little portrait?

It ended with a story.

“Once upon a time, there lived a tiny girl on whom had been placed an enchantment, so that in her sleep each night she became a small white mouse with soft ears and pink paws….”

I’m always trying to find ways to connect my writing and my art dolls, and for the first time, I was able to use them both to create a very special project.

ooak miniature fairy tale art doll and mohair mouse

“Little Mouse-Skin” is an Entire Miniature Art Doll Set, Complete with its Own Original Fairy Tale

I began by sculpting and sewing a tiny art doll and mouse to fit into the little sections of my box. Little Mouse-Skin, the doll, is about 6 1/2 inches tall, sculpted from Paperclay and painted with watercolors, with tiny jointed limbs and little mohair curls. Her outfit, consisting of a soft striped cotton dress, a muslin apron, a watercolor lace cloak, and a special lace crown, is entirely removable, something I’ve never done with a miniature doll before. Her mouse other self is handstitched from white mohair, with tiny pink paws, a leather tail, and little bead eyes and nose.

miniature handmade mohair mouse with lace crown

The little white box which started me on the whole project I painted with watercolors, adding a bed of grass for the mouse to sleep on and a tiny garland of bluebells.

As I worked on this doll and her mouse, I began to imagine a story for her, a tiny fairy tale to fit the scale I was working on, and the miniature tale which would tie the whole set together was born.

ooak fairy tale art doll in miniature with princess crown

“When the girl dreamed, her delicate tail curled around herself, she dreamed of her nose twitching in the morning air, of the brush of soft fur, of the smell of the earth and the warm winter sleep in her underground lair. Because of this enchantment, the girl was known to the other inhabitants of the forest as Little Mouse-Skin…”

“Little Mouse-Skin: A Fairy Tale of Miniature Proportions” is a Tale of Enchantment and Surprising Transformations

printed fairy tale book "ittle mouse skin" by jordan taylor

I had so much fun imagining the life my tiny girl lived in the forest, and in bringing about the surprising transformations which led to her happily ever after. As I worked on my story, I also began painting watercolor illustrations to go along with it.

My art doll set includes the only professionally printed copy of “Little Mouse-Skin,” a small 5×5 book which is decorated with my watercolors, though I’m also offering a smaller hand-bound version of the tale.

My Little Mouse-Skin art doll set, featuring the miniature doll, hand-stitched mouse, tiny outfit, hand-painted box, and printed copy of the story, is currently available in my Etsy shop.

My Mary Poppins Art Doll is Ready to Fly Away

mary poppins ooak art doll with her flying umbrella

This past weekend, I was finally able to put the finishing touches on my new Mary Poppins art doll, and she is now in my Etsy shop waiting to fly away to her new home!

“Jane and Michael could see that the newcomer had shiny black hair – ‘Rather like a wooden Dutch doll,’ whispered Jane. And that she was thin, with large feet and hands, and small, rather peering blue eyes…” – Mary Poppins, P. L. Travers


It was very important to me to get Mary Poppins’ face right – the round blue eyes, the upturned nose, the smug smile and the shiny black hair – “Like a Dutch doll.” That’s why I chose to sculpt her head and hands in Paperclay, which I painted in watercolors and sealed, using extra glossy sealant on her hair to give it shine. If you’re interested in the steps I took in sculpting her head, I go into more detail in this blog post.

an ooak mary poppins art doll sculpted by the free folk

Mary Poppins’ body and limbs, which are jointed at the shoulders and hips, are handstitched, and she wears her iconic navy blue coat and skirt, and black straw hat with a paper daisy. She also has striped stockings, a red silk scarf, and red leather Mary Janes, and her white blouse is made from vintage linen and lace which belonged to my grandmother.

My Mary Poppins Art Doll Carries Her Own Doll-Sized Parrot-Headed Umbrella and Carpet Bag

handmade doll sized mary poppins umbrella with a sculpted parrot head handle

I had more fun making Mary’s umbrella than I did during almost any other part of her creation! I built the umbrella around a plastic and fabric umbrella intended for American Girl dolls. The iconic parrot-headed handle and top spike are sculpted in Paperclay over the original plastic, and the entire umbrella has been painted and sealed in shades of black, silver, and brown so that it looks more realistic. Mary also carries a handstitched carpet bag, which I built around a toggle closure intended for a coin purse. The metal closure is etched with daisies, and when I found it online I knew it would be perfect!

Mary Poppins Was One of My Favorite Dolls to Photograph

mary poppins with her umbrella, an ooak art doll

From the beginning, I’d had in mind that I wanted to photograph my Mary Poppins art doll as if she was flying through the sky with her umbrella. I was actually able to set the scene very easily using a blue ombre sheet, and “clouds” made of extra polyester doll stuffing. I can’t believe they turned out so well!

Don’t forget to visit Mary Poppins in my Etsy shop!

A First Peek at My Mary Poppins and Mole Art Dolls

I hope all of my American followers had a safe and happy fourth! I was able to start some new projects over the long holiday weekend!

The biggest project I’m working on right now is my Mary Poppins art doll. I’ve always loved Mary Poppins – the vain, no-nonsense Queen of Air and Darkness Mary Poppins of P. L. Travers books, not the singing Julie Andrews incarnation – and I’ve often dreamed of creating an art doll of the iconic nanny and her parrot-headed umbrella.

I chose to sculpt my Mary Poppins’ head and hands from Paperclay. The books often describe Mary as looking like “a Dutch doll,” with her shinny black hair, round blue eyes, upturned nose, and pert mouth. By sculpting her features, and even her hair, with Paperclay, I felt like I was able to stay as true as possible to that description.

Mary’s umbrella was another fun challenge. I ended up buying a working doll-sized umbrella, sculpting the parrot head onto the handle, and then painting the entire thing so that the style matched that of the doll.

Right now I’m putting the final touches on Mary Poppins’ outfit – a blue overcoat and skirt, and a black straw hat with a daisy, of course – and she’ll soon be compete and ready to photograph!

The second project I’m working on is based on the characters from “The Wind in the Willows.” I recently bought a beautiful copy of the book with illustrations by Tasha Tudor, which inspired me to create a miniature set of Mole, Ratty, and their riverside picnic. So far, Mole is done, and is stitched from mohair, with tiny handmade clothing and little bitty spectacles!

a miniature cloth doll based on the character of mole from the wind in the willows

I’ll be sharing more photos of Mary Poppins and my “Wind in the Willows” characters, along with the links to purchase them in my Etsy shop, as soon as they are complete!


New Art Doll Custom Order Options from The Free Folk

My custom order options are changing! My new options better reflect the current techniques and materials I’m using in my doll making, and give you a new option to purchase a personalized jointed art doll like Blush or Rose.

Paperclay Peter Pan art doll by The Free Folk
My $300 option has changed so that you can commission a custom cloth and Paperclay doll like Peter Pan.

My $300 option has changed to eliminate the possibility of purchasing an oil-painted cloth doll, which has been replaced by the option to purchase a cloth doll with a Paperclay head and hands. In addition, a $400 option has been added, with the option to purchase your own personalized jointed Paperclay doll.

two jointed cloth and Paperclay art dolls by The Free Folk
An example of my new $400 custom jointed Paperclay doll option.

You can view all the custom options on my Etsy site, or under the “custom order options” tab above.