DIY Summer Craft: Making Mason Jar Beach Terrariums

inside of a mason jar beach terrarium with shells and moss

These mason jar beach terrariums are a super fun summer craft idea, and their tutorial is even easier to follow than that for my moss terrariums. These beach terrariums would make beautiful summer decor or gifts. In one sitting, you can make enough to decorate your own home and to give to your friends!

Beach Terrarium Materials:

  • mason jar with a lid- I love using blue mason jars for these, because it’s like looking into the ocean!
  • small bag of white decorative sand – available at craft stores
  • shells, driftwood, brown moss, or anything else you want to go into your terrarium
  • modge podge or other clear drying glue
  • paintbrush with long handle
  • newspaper or old tablecloth to cover your work surface
  • ribbon, raffia – optional
  • glue gun – optional


1. Cover your work surface! The sand and glue can make this a messy project.

2. Unscrew the lid of your glass jar. Use your paintbrush to coat the bottom and about 1/4 of the sides of the jar with modge podge.

3. Pour sand up to the glue line. The glue will help keep the sand from moving around too much in the jar.

4. Add shells, moss, driftwood, etc, and arrange to make a pretty beach scene. Replace jar lid.

5. If desired, decorate the outside of the jar with ribbon, raffia, or larger shells using a low temp glue gun.

6. Allow glue to dry. Avoid tipping the terrarium or turning it upside down, to keep the sand from burying the shells. No other care needed!

Looking for more DIY mason jar craft posts? Try the tutorial section of my blog.


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