DIY Craft Tutorial: How to Make Miniature Spell Bottles

magic miniatures bottles

I had so much fun making these miniature magic spell bottles for my own project, that I thought I would share with all of you! This DIY tutorial is extremely simple, and these cute spell bottles would make a great Halloween addition to your doll house.


  • miniature glass bottles with corks (found in most craft stores)
  • loose glitter and/or glitter craft paint
  • white printer paper
  • scissors
  • pen
  • small paintbrush and water jar
  • tacky glue
  • items for filling your bottles – get creative! I used loose glitter for fairy dust, a fluffy white feather for dreams, miniature watch parts for time, red thread for desire, wishbone pendants for wishes, and fake craft snow for Christmas snow


You’ll probably want to first cover your workplace – as I’m sure you know, glitter goes everywhere!

Fill your bottles however you like, then use your small paintbrush to paint around the rims of the bottles with tacky glue. Replace the corks. When the glue dries, the bottles will be sealed.

Create tiny labels on printer paper to paste on your bottles. I wrote on the paper with a gel pen first, before cutting out the labels. You could also type the labels up on the computer in small decorative font, if you don’t trust your handwriting. I also outlined some of my labels in gold paint or black pen.

Use the paintbrush and tacky glue to paste the labels to the bottles. I also painted over some of them with “magic” glitter craft paint, or you could paint over them with more tacky glue and sprinkle on some loose glitter.

Once your handmade spell bottles are dry, they’re ready for use in making a miniature scene or as an addition to your doll house.

Looking for more fun craft tutorials? Try the tutorial section of my blog.


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