Create Your Own Custom Art Doll

marketing graphic of featuring custom art dolls created by the free folk

I’m going to have some extra time this summer for creating custom dolls!

I’m currently working as a teacher with an arts academy, which means I’ll have the summer off to focus on my art and writing. This will give me some extra time to work on custom art dolls for my customers. If you’ve been thinking about commissioning a custom doll, now’s a great time!

Each of my art dolls are their own, one-of-a-kind characters.

Every art doll that I make is completely unique, and often inspired by my favorite stories. I love coming up with a doll’s character and personality as I work – it’s this that makes my dolls feel alive, almost like magic! If you have a character or idea that you’ve been dreaming of bringing to life, I’d love to create someone for you.

Take a look at the custom order options listed here on my site and in my Etsy shop. Whether you’re looking for an affordable miniature doll or a fully articulated art doll, I offer several price points and options to choose from.


Commission Your Own Miniature Doll

marketing graphic featuring custom miniature art dolls by the free folk

In the next couple of weeks, I’ll be whipping up a new batch of mini art dolls to restock my shop. Now’s a great time to commission your own miniature doll – I’d love to make a one-of-a-kind character just for you! Each of my mini dolls are sculpted at 1 inch scale, perfect for life in your dolls’ house or miniature diorama. Additionally, through June 30th these dolls are 15% off when purchased in my Etsy shop.

View the options available here, or head over to my Etsy shop to commission your very own doll.

The Free Folk is Having a Summer Sale

summer sale graphic feature art dolls by the free folk

To celebrate Etsy’s 13th birthday, I’ll be running a special summer sale in my Etsy shop from June 18th through June 30th. For orders placed during this time, you’ll receive 15% off any purchase of $25 or more. I’ll also have some extra time off to spend on creating this summer, so now’s a great time to purchase if you’ve been thinking about commissioning a custom piece!

Happy shopping!

Sculpting and Sewing My First Art Doll of 2018

Victorian art doll with a cloth body and paperclay head and hands

Marietta is my very first art doll of 2018.

Marietta is a young Victorian servant to a country family. She’s taken advantage of washing day to dangle her bare feet in the river, and lie dreaming in the sunlight. Her head, hands, and feet were sculpted from Paperclay, while her cloth body is hand-stitched from a new pattern I made just for her. She’s just been listed in my Etsy shop and is available for purchase here.


Marietta’s sculpted head, hands, and feet were sanded several times, painted, and sealed.

I like using watercolor paints for my dolls because they give me the ability to build up subtle layers of color to create realistic skin tones. Marietta is tan and freckled from her time spent in the sun. Her attached wig is made from natural brown mohair.


I created a brand new cloth doll pattern for Marietta’s body.

For Marietta’s body, I created a new pattern based on a modified version of the pattern I typically use – one that allowed me to created threaded joints that give her a more realistic range of motion. Marietta’s body and limbs are hand-stitched, and stuffed with soft, 100% natural wool. I’m really happy with how her cloth body turned out, and plan on using it for more dolls in the future!

period art doll depicting a Victorian girl servant

Marietta’s period clothing is completely removable, another first in my dollmaking.

Marietta wears a Victorian pastoral-inspired drawstring linen petticoat, red cotton shirt with tiny glass buttons, and striped seersucker skirt. All have been antiqued here and there to make them appear as if they are actual items of clothing that are worn every day.

shows sculpting paperclay doll hands and hand-stitched period Victorian doll clothing

Marietta’s linen apron features antiqued lace, and has three tiny miniature clothespins pinned to the bodice, so that they are near to hand on washing day!

ooak art doll with sculpted head and hands, cloth body, and period Victorian outfit

Marietta is available for purchase now in my Etsy shop.

She will ship with her very own miniature wire hanger and a signed certificate of authenticity. Though she can be posed and have her outfit changed, she is not intended for children or playtime.

period doll outfit for a Victorian servant

Though I’ve been MIA for most of winter and spring of 2018, I’ve been working on a very big and special project, which I will be sharing details of on my blog soon!

Christmas is Coming Early for The Free Folk

holiday banner with twinkling stars and art doll

Happy Holidays!

I’m so excited to announce that The Free Folk’s holiday sale is starting early this year! Today, in fact! Now through December 20th, you’ll receive 15% off any item in my Etsy store $20 and above.

With that in mind, I’d also like to make you aware of some important holiday shopping dates and deadlines for my shop:

  • Nov. 20: The Free Folk’s holiday sale begins
  • Dec. 1: The last day to commission larger art doll pieces for holiday shipping
  • Dec. 15: The last day to commission smaller art doll pieces for holiday shipping
  • Dec 20: The last day for guaranteed holiday shipping of ready-made items

Happy shopping!

Four Little Handmade Halloween Witches

Fall is already here in Seattle, Halloween is just around the corner, and I’ve been whipping up some miniature little witch dolls to celebrate!

a group of four handmade miniature witches for halloween decorations

If you’ve been following my blog, it may come as no surprise that my favorite holiday is absolutely, 100 percent Halloween. Crafting these spooky little witches was the perfect way to get me into the holiday spirit. These are all based on my miniature Paperclay art doll pattern (a tutorial for which can be found here), though each one is one of a kind and completely unique! They have jointed limbs and black felt witch hats, with different faces, hairstyles, tiny outfits, and little handcrafted accessories. They even each have their own little rhyming poem, written to describe the personality of each doll!

Morwenna: Marvelous Morwenna / stirs her brew. / In goes a salamander, / a frog, a newt.

miniature handmade halloween witch carrying a bottle of witch's brew and a broom

Morwenna carries her own miniature bottle of handmade witch’s brew in one hand, and her broom in the other. She wears a traditional black witch dress with a striped corset secured with tiny red ribbons.

Amanita: Amanita, with her broom / sweeps the stardust from the moon.

Grumpy little Amanita is probably my favorite of the group! She has long, black, Wednesday Adams – style braids, a striped skirt, and carries her own little hand crafted witch’s broom.

Stella: Elegant Stella, in her hat / hexes a little of this and that.

No one wears a witch hat quite like Stella. Stella has a thick black braid and a stylish over-sized witch hat, and wears an elegant Victorian-inspired velvet and lace dress. Perhaps she’s going to a fancy Halloween ball!

Penny: “Pish,” said my mother, “Don’t worry dear / Tis naught but Penny the Pumpkin Witch / and a pumpkin is nothing to fear!”

Poor Penny; no one is afraid of a Pumpkin! Little Penny wears a patched orange wool skirt and matching scarf with a green sweater. Her curly black hair is free and wild, and she carries a miniature jack o’ lantern pumpkin.

Penny and Morwenna are already sold and on their way to their new homes, but Amanita and Stella are still available in my Etsy shop.