Valentina: $125

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Valentina is headstrong and impetuous, ready to be swept off her feet by love. She likes reading romance novels and poetry, and taking gallops through her family’s parkland on her mare. Every Valentine’s Day, Valentina dreams of meeting her star-crossed true love.

Valentina was created as part of my 2014 Valentine’s Day project: “The Language of Love.” She is hand sculpted and painted, with jointed limbs, a cloth body, and a long, curly mohair wig. Valentina’s hand stitched dress, cloak, and hat are all removable. She wears wears a collection of handmade miniature love letters from her admirers, tied around her wrist with a ribbon, scrap of lace, and a small old key. She stands approximately 16 inches tall.

Valentina is available for purchase on my Etsy site.


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