Jane Eyre: $300

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Jane Eyre sits tiredly at the railway station, holding her suitcase and parasol, ready to be picked up by a carriage and taken to Thornfield Hall and her new life.

Jane’s body is sewn from cloth with jointed limbs, and her skin and facial features were painted with oil paints and sanded to a soft finish. The final result feels a lot like thin leather. She is about 20 inches tall, but sewn into a slightly seated position, and has a brown braid made of wool top.

Jane wears handmade brown leather button boots, grey knit stockings, and a lavender silk petticoat underneath her dress. Over her dress, she wears a plaid cape lined in lavender silk that ties with a ribbon and is decorated with paper flowers. A wine colored handmade wool hat, decorated with blue lace and a pheasant feather, tops off her outfit.

Jane’s accessories include a miniature Belgian lace parasol and a wooden suitcase. Inside Jane’s suitcase is a little hand-bound leather book, in which she can write the story of her life. Her final accessory is a tiny handmade pocket watch, complete with real watch hands and gears, which she is continually checking as she waits for her carriage to arrive and take her across the moor.

Jane is available for purchase on my Etsy site.


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