Mary Poppins $200

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Jane and Michael could see that the newcomer had shiny black hair – “Rather like a wooden Dutch doll,” whispered Jane. And that she was thin, with large feet and hands, and small, rather peering blue eyes…

Mary Poppins has an upturned nose, round blue eyes, and a rather smug little smile – the better to keep her charges in line and to admire her own charming self! She is 18 inches tall, with arms and legs which are jointed at the shoulders and hips so that she is posable. Her head, hands, and shiny black hair are sculpted from Paperclay and painted with watercolors, while her body and vintage linen and lace blouse, skirt and coat, and red silk scarf are hand-stitched. She carries a handcrafted black umbrella with a sculpted parrot head handle, as well a hand-stitched carpet bag with a toggle closure.

Mary Poppins is available in my Etsy shop.