Fauna $175

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Fauna is a daughter of the forest. She haunts the misty winter paths, listening to the secrets of the trees and the hush of the winter snow.

Fauna is approximately 14 inches tall, and is entirely hand sculpted and painted. Two little antlers, fuzzed with moss, peek from her mohair wig. Fauna’s dress and removable warm wool cloak are entirely hand-stitched using materials including moss green silk, green velvet ribbon, sparkling seed beads, and metal and wood buttons. Fauna’s cloak has also been tea stained to give it a weathered look. Underneath her thick gold underskirt, Fauna wears two tiny, pointed, high-heeled leather and fur boots.

A partridge charm is wrapped around Fauna’s wrist on gold thread, and she carries a tiny basket of bread to feed her hungry forest neighbors.

Fauna is available in my Etsy shop.