Mason Jar Snow Globes are Available in my Etsy Shop

handmade mason jar snow globes for christmas

Every year around Christmas, I make a batch of special mason jar snow globes to offer in my Etsy shop. This year’s batch is now up and currently available for sale, just in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday Christmas gift shopping sprees!

handmade christmas snow globes in mason jars
Personalized snow globes

I’m currently offering several options that can be customized with a special banner, including a single tree, a set of trees, and my special large “shower of stars” snow globes. I also usually make an extra-special, one of a kind Narnia snow globe each year, featuring the story’s iconic lamp post. This year’s has just been listed along with my other snow globes.

handmade narnia lamp post snow globe in a mason jar
This year’s Narnia snow globe

If you’re looking for a fun Christmas craft that you can make yourself, or are interested in whipping up a batch of these to use as decorations or give as gifts, last year I blogged my tutorial detailing how these are made. Try it out, and let me know how you personalized your own globes!


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