Pacific Northwest Travel Photography Part 3: In the Faery Realm

I spent last week exploring the national parks of the Pacific Northwest, and shooting photos of Washington and Oregon’s beautiful forests, mountains, and coast. I took so many photos that I wanted to share that I had to split them up into three parts to post through the end of this week. If you missed the first two parts, Forests of Light and Into the Blue, you can find those photos here.

The photos below were all shot low to the ground with a macro focus – from the perspective of “The Little People” – in Washington’s breath-taking Hoh Rainforest. The rainforest provided a lot of wonderful inspiration for the forest-themed art dolls I’m currently working on, and for the story I’m writing about an enchanted forest.

Part 3: In the Faery Realm

fairy tale forest photography of moss and an old tree in a sunlit forest
Mossy Cedar Tree in the Enchanted Forest
enchanted forest photography of green ferns and golden light
The Golden Wood
dark fairy tale forest photography of moss and hollow trees
Fairy Home in the Dark Forest



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