“Little Mouse-Skin,” the Miniature Hand-Bound Fairy Tale

miniature hand-bound fairy tale book

“Once upon a time, there lived a tiny girl on whom had been placed an enchantment, so that in her sleep each night she became a small white mouse…”

In the process of creating my very special “Little Mouse-Skin” art doll project, I began to imagine a story for my doll, a tiny fairy tale to fit the scale I was working on. Thus the short tale “Little Mouse-Skin: A Fairy Tale of Miniature Proportions” was born.

miniature hand-bound paper book of a fairy tale

“When the girl dreamed, her delicate tail curled around herself, she dreamed of her nose twitching in the morning air, of the brush of soft fur, of the smell of the earth and the warm winter sleep in her underground lair. Because of this enchantment, the girl was known to the other inhabitants of the forest as Little Mouse-Skin…”

miniature hand-bound illustrated fairy tale book

Though my art doll set includes a professionally printed copy of the tale, I also dreamed of creating a little miniature version entirely on my own. The story – one of enchantment and surprising transformations, written in traditional fairy tale language – I felt needed a beautiful and unique binding to match. I began painting and photographing my own watercolor illustrations to go along with the story, and spent a long time figuring out how best to scale, paginate, and print my own little book.

"once upon a time" page in an illustrated miniature fairy tale book

“Though the other creatures of the forest came in pairs, from the blind moles underground to the singing birds of the air, Little Mouse-Skin found that there was no creature who made a pair to herself…”

The finished hand-bound miniature book is approximately 2×4 inches and printed on silky heavy-weight paper, the story accented with my own printed watercolor illustrations. The first edition is hand-bound with moss green wax thread and a pink crystal bead, and features unique end papers, hand torn antiqued pages, and decorated covers.

miniature illustrated fairy tale book with flowers and vines

The first edition is currently available in my Etsy shop. If it sells, my plan is to continue to make the miniature books to order, with each one being a little different and truly one of a kind.


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