New Art Doll Custom Order Options from The Free Folk

My custom order options are changing! My new options better reflect the current techniques and materials I’m using in my doll making, and give you a new option to purchase a personalized jointed art doll like Blush or Rose.

Paperclay Peter Pan art doll by The Free Folk
My $300 option has changed so that you can commission a custom cloth and Paperclay doll like Peter Pan.

My $300 option has changed to eliminate the possibility of purchasing an oil-painted cloth doll, which has been replaced by the option to purchase a cloth doll with a Paperclay head and hands. In addition, a $400 option has been added, with the option to purchase your own personalized jointed Paperclay doll.

two jointed cloth and Paperclay art dolls by The Free Folk
An example of my new $400 custom jointed Paperclay doll option.

You can view all the custom options on my Etsy site, or under the “custom order options” tab above.



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