My New Jointed Paperclay Art Dolls, Blush and Rose

Blush and Rose

After over three months of work, Blush and Rose are finally finished. These are the first two jointed Paperclay dolls in my new Watercolor Series, a group of art dolls based around a soft watercolor color scheme, with hand-dyed bodies and outfits. Blush and Rose are my two pink girls; I’ll also be making a blue girl called Skye and a purple girl called Lavender.

Jointed Dolls

Blush and Rose are two romantics, throwing tea parties in the evening in the rose garden, and lying in the grass to watch the fireflies. At 24 inches each, they are very large dolls inspired by Victorian Bru and Jumeau dolls, and with their jointed limbs and removable clothing, can be gently posed, undressed and redressed, and played with. Their clothing has been tea-stained, painted, and weathered so that they resemble antiques.

Blush and Rose

In keeping with the pink watercolor scheme, Rose and Blush’s bodies are painted with pink watercolors and covered in free hand-embroidery done in rose silk thread, and their limbs are jointed with pink ribbon. Each doll has one upper arm and one upper leg sewn from rose-print velvet.

Blush and Rose’s removable dresses were painted with pink watercolors by dropping bright splotches and quick strokes of color that, when dry, would give the dresses the antique look that I wanted. Underneath their dresses, Blush wears a removable bralette and panties, while Rose wears a pair of bloomers. Rose’s flower crown is attached to a pink ribbon, and every petal of the artificial flowers was highlighted with more watercolors.Blush and Rose each also wear a removable pair of slippers. Blush’s are made from pink felt and lace, and resemble ballet slippers, while Rose’s were made using the remnants of the rose-printed velvet that makes up two of their limbs.

Blush and Rose will each ship in a special box which will include their original watercolor sketch and a certificate of authenticity.  They will be available in my Etsy shop in just a few days, and I’ll soon begin work on Lavender and Skye!


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