Doll House Miniatures

I’ve always been fascinated by miniatures. As a child, I read Mary Norton’s “The Borrowers” series over and over again, and kept a huge bookcase “doll house” of miniature rooms that I had designed and mostly handmade myself. Recently, I got the itch to start creating miniatures again!

fairy table
Fairy’s tea table

I looked through some of my old things, and ended up finding enough of my old miniatures to create a little fairy’s tea table and a tiny baker’s cabinet. For the tea table, I sewed a tiny rose-print table cloth, and filled the seat of the miniature chair and decorated the table with natural moss. I used tiny ceramic tea cups and a miniature skeleton key to decorate the table, and sculpted and painted a tiny fairy cake, which I decorated with “sugar” glitter.

tea party

My favorite miniature I created for the tea table is a tiny bottle of “dew drops” – a miniature corked glass bottle filled with seed pearls and rhinestones. It’s tag is handwritten and decorated with glitter. I imagine the little fairies sweetening their cups of tea with a drop of dew!

fairy tea

For my little baker’s cabinet, I used a lot of miniature kitchen items that I already had. The cabinet was originally unfinished, and I stained it green with watercolors and sealed it with matte varnish. Scraps of fine white lace decorate the top and middle shelf. I absolutely love all of the teeny tiny dishes, pots, and baking pans! Another miniature skeleton key hangs from the top door, and a few tiny white shells are used for extra soup bowls.

dollhouse cabinet
Baker’s cabinet

I used clay to sculpt a tiny loaf of bread and platter of cookies. My “loaf” has salt worked into the clay so that it looks more realistic, and each cookie has a sesame seed pressed into the center. Like my bottle of “dew drops,” I created a little container of cinnamon with brown and gold seed beads for my cabinet!

baker's cabinet


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