September’s Dress

Over spring break, I finally had some time to work on my paperclay art doll, September! The poor thing had been naked for quite a while, but now she has some clothes! September is based on the heroine of Catherynne M. Valente’s Fairyland books, a brave little girl who is carried by the Green Wind from her home in the 1930’s Midwest to Fairyland.

September wears a tea-stained cotton petticoat, edged in lace, over her bloomers. Wool socks will keep her feet toasty on her adventures.

september's petticoat

September’s dress is based on that she wears in the second novel, a birthday dress cut-down and taken-in from one of her mother’s dresses, which, September decides, could almost be called orange, her favorite color, if you squint at it. Her dress is hand-sewn and dyed with tea and watercolors. I had originally dyed it closer to orange, but decided that the pinker color looked better with September’s lips and cheeks.



September also wears handmade red leather boots that I purchased from a seller of antique dolls on Ruby Lane. In Valente’s story, September loses one of her shoes, and I imagine the fairies giving her this pair of fantastic boots in return!


September is now almost finished! The last thing she needs is the Green Wind’s coat, which he loans her to keep her warm in Fairyland. I’m going to have so much fun designing and sewing it!

september art doll


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