Christmas Dolls 2012

I have the best job in the world.

This year, my first request for children’s dolls for Christmas presents came from a mom in Australia who loved my fairy dolls. She asked if I could make little elf or fairy children’s dolls for her two little girls. I loved the idea!

Usually these dolls have some animal features – kitty or bunny ears, a fox tail…. I’ve even done a little squirrel! It was easy to design some big pointy elf ears and some pointed green boots instead!

These sisters loved flowers and playing outdoors – one even has a bug collection! – so the mom asked for natural outfits. The younger sister liked the soft fur of their cat and her soft blanket, so I found some super-soft and silky fleece to make a little jacket for her doll.

The older sister’s doll wears a short-sleeved dress, and the younger’s wears a jumper with big buttons easy for little fingers to manipulate. I wanted the dolls to have fairy wings that wouldn’t always be getting in the way, so I designed each a pair of felt wings with an elastic harness, so that they can be dressed in them or go without.

Right now, the dolls are on the way to Australia, and their new best friends!

Even though the deadline for international orders for Christmas has passed, this is the last week to place orders within the US and receive them in time for a Christmas surprise!

To order your dolls, visit:


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