Custom Art Doll: Galadrial

This past week I finished my first custom order art doll: a soft sculpture doll based on Galadrial from The Lord of the Rings! Galadrial is the elf queen who rules the forest city Lothlorien, my favorite fantasy place!

I wanted to use greens, golds, silvers, and whites for her dress. She wears a green and gold skirt under a white over-dress and star-patterned sleeves. Her obi-like sash is embroidered with gold thread and beads, and was the most difficult part of her dress.

Galadrial’s leafy green cloak is lined with silver velvet and embroidered with green leaves, silver thread, and seed pearls. I loved taking pictures of her in the fall leaves!

She wears a crown of silver wire, beads, and faux gold greenery connected to a green jewel on her forehead. I tried several things out before settling on the design. A delicate silver leaf hangs around her neck, and two more are wrapped around the ends of her braids.

Right now, Galadrial is on her way to her new home!


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