A New Cloth Art Doll – Sonnet

My Sonnet Art Doll is finished!

Sonnet is a one of a kind cloth art doll for whom I wanted to use a mix of textiles, tea staining, and handstitching. She was built around her dress fabric – muslin printed with lines from Shakespeare’s sonnets. You can view work in progress photos of her and her dress in this previous blog post.

I wanted Sonnet to look romantic and antique – like old letters and love poems. This gave me the idea to tea stain the fabrics used for her cloth body and clothing with a spicy orange tea blend – the scent of old dresser drawers and antiques.

Sonnet wears a layered dress of tea stained fabrics, laces, and ruffle trim. Her dress is also adorned with tea stained ribbons with handwritten lines from Shakespeare’s sonnets. She has leather Victorian style style boots decorated with bits of more lace. Her boots and the back of her dress are studded with antique doll-size buttons. Around her neck, Sonnet wears a replica skeleton key on embroidery floss.

For Sonnet, I also created a very special art doll box for her to travel in, and for her owner to possibly keep other treasures inside. The outside of the box is covered in the same fabric as Sonnet’s dress, and the inside is lined in paper with a skeleton key print.

The top of the box is decorate with an original face sketch I made for Sonnet, and the box ties with more tea stained ribbon with Shakespeare’s sonnets written on it, another replica skeleton key, and a tulle rose.

Sonnet is currently available for purchase. If you would be interested in giving Sonnet a home, please visit her Etsy listing.


5 thoughts on “A New Cloth Art Doll – Sonnet

  1. Jordan

    Me too! Shakespeare was one of the authors I was forced to read in high school but ended up loving. She’s still available if you’re interested, though I’ve had other people asking! I have plans for an Ophelia doll too. She’s my favorite Shakespeare character – I wrote a fantastic (if I do say so myself) paper a couple of years back examining her as a stronger, snarkier character than she’s usually credited with being. I read “Hamlet” for the first time with this idea of a meek, dull Ophelia, and had a huge idea reversal after actually reading the play!

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