A Final Wonderland Surprise!

You’ve met all the dolls, but Wonderland still has one final surprise!

I had so much fun creating new stories for each of my Wonderland art dolls, that I knew I had to do something with them. As I wrote, I began to think of myself as a newspaper reporter, and that gave me an idea of how I could use the doll’s stories. The Wonderland Times was born!

This little “newspaper” zine contains all five dolls’ stories in the format of newspaper articles, as well as four make-believe “ads”. Under headlines like “Alice Crowned Queen of Wonderland”, “The White Rabbit Unfit for Alice’s Cabinet?”, and “The Mad Hatter Tells All (Or At Least Some of It)”, you’ll find the story of Alice’s political coup, secrets of the Mad Hatter and the Red Queen, and learn what it’s really like to be the Dormouse.

The zine is printed on 2 front and back pages of 8 1/2 x 11 silky heavy-weight paper, folded into fourths and protected by a plastic envelope. Hand colored prints of John Tenniel’s classic illustrations decorate the zine.

Each copy will come with a handmade paper doll stick puppet of either Queen Alice or the White Rabbit. I can just imagine these as fun tea party or birthday party favors!

“The Wonderland Times” will soon be on my etsy site (www.thefreefolk.etsy.com), but until then, you can email me at jordanroux@att.net if you would like to place an order for the zines, or inquire about any of my Wonderland dolls!


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