Introducing, the Mad Hatter!

The Mad Hatter is a secretive sort of fellow, one who has worn many hats in life but rarely boasts of them. In the beginning of the Red Queen’s reign, the Mad Hatter was her personal haberdasher, before falling out of favor at a choral event for the Red Queen’s birthday. “Music was never my strong suit,” the Mad Hatter admits.

After his dismissal, the Mad Hatter amazingly managed to keep both his head and his very special pocket watch – a gift from the queen, which acts as a portal into the palace. These facts have caused many to speculate on what exactly his relationship with the Red Queen was, but the Mad Hatter declined to comment, except to say that in his days as royal haberdasher he used the pocket watch to bring his new creations to the Red Queen.

Rumor has it that on the night of the queen’s disposal, the Mad Hatter used his pocket watch for a very different purpose, one which was of vital importance to Alice’s political coup. The Mad Hatter declined to comment on this matter as well, though he was happy to explain how the magnificent pocket watch works. “It’s very simple, really,” he said. “You simply unlock the face, and then turn the hands to 4:00 – tea time.”

On the matter of Alice, the Mad Hatter had more to say. “It was I who discovered her, you know,” he claimed. “It was back during my quarrel with Time, and the Perpetual Tea Party. The Time wasn’t right for the throne to change hands then, but I knew that Alice would return. The March Hare and I immediately began work on the pocket watch portal – hadn’t used it for years, you know – so that it would be ready for the day Alice came back.”

At this, the Mad Hatter hastily made his exit, murmuring about a cup of tea and some toast with jam that was waiting on him, perhaps realizing that he had said more than he intended.


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