Introducing, the White Rabbit!

The White Rabbit is the eldest and the most controversial of Queen Alice’s advisers. Though rather advanced in age and timid by nature, the White Rabbit’s sage advice has prevented many governmental catastrophes. Furthermore, the White Rabbit, as he is fond of reminding anyone who will listen, was the very person to first find Alice and lead her to Wonderland. However, many citizens of Wonderland remember his prominent position in the Red Queen’s court, and view his country manor and servants as remnants of the old ways of life under her rule. Never sharp and punctual to begin with, the White Rabbit has grown even more forgetful with age. He could not be reached for comment, because he apparently forgot his appointment with a reporter.

The White Rabbit may be my favorite of all my Wonderland art dolls – don’t tell the others! If you are interested in purchasing him, or any of the others, you can email me at


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