Introducing, Queen Alice!

There’s a new queen in Wonderland.

After her notoriously unfair trail of the Jack of Hearts, the Red Queen was dispossessed, and her tyrannical reign of terror came to an end. The wise, far – traveling Alice was called back to Wonderland to take her place as the new queen. This quite upset the Playing Card Families, who had seen themselves as the rightful nobility and ruling candidates. Alice, however, merely poo-pooed their objections, saying famously “Let them drink tea!” and signaling the Mad Hatter to fill up their tea cups.

Once crowned, Alice immediately set about implementing reform. In Alice’s Wonderland, everyone eats tea cake every day, free stories are told in the palace, during which anyone can ask as many questions as they like, and governesses and icky older brothers are outlawed. Most importantly for the people of Wonderland, there have been no more beheadings,  although there has begun a new fashion of growing “nine miles high” in honor of their new monarch’s heroic actions at that fateful trail of the Jack.


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