The White Rabbit

Hello everyone!

So sorry that my blog has been quiet for a while! I’ve been focusing on other things, like writing my stories for the next school semester – hard but satisfying work! So far I’ve finished the story of a famous piano and a group of Victorian boarding school girls who get their first taste of freedom, and I’m in the middle of one involving the Green Man myth and a girl with vine tattoos which suddenly come to life.

My art has been on the back burner for a little while (as we say here in NC), but I have had time to get a lot of work done on my White Rabbit, and finish the face and hair of my Mad Hatter doll.

My White Rabbit, based on the body style of antique toys, has been sanded to look weathered, and jointed with faux gold and pearl shank buttons. He has fishing line whiskers, and white feathers make up his “fur” accents. Mr. Rabbit also wears a matching pair of white and blue antique Victorian baby shoes. These ended up being bigger than I’d expected, so I’d been saving them for just the perfect doll!

The White Rabbit can stand on his own, and sits easily too.


Remember, if you’d like more information about any of my dolls, you can always contact me at or visit my etsy site at!



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