Thursday’s Peek at Wonderland – the Mad Hatter’s Accessories

While waiting for my newly-painted Mad Hatter and White Rabbit to dry, I’ve been working on some of their accessories. This week I glittered the White Rabbit’s simple pocket watch (mainly because ever since buying a tube of glitter paint, I haven’t been able to resist glittering everything in sight), and I created the Mad Hatter’s very special pocket watch and hat.

The outside of the Mad Hatter’s pocket watch

The Mad Hatter’s pocket watch was created from an inexpensive locket and chain, and a tiny skeleton key charm. The outside of the locket was painted and glittered, and I applied a tiny red paper heart with a keyhole in the middle to the center of the locket.

Inside the Mad Hatter’s pocket watch

Inside the locket, I applied a paper clock face to one side, and a tiny print of the Red Queen’s palace to the other. I then painted and glittered around the edges, and glued in raised watch hands pointing to 4:00 – tea time! The finished locket will be able to be worn as a necklace by the Mad Hatter’s owner.

The pocket watch is very special to the Mad Hatter – it doubles as a portal into the Red Queen’s palace! Just unlock the watch, open it, and turn the hands to 4:00, and you’re whisked away to the palace!

The Mad Hatter’s hat was sewn from felt and mesh, and has rows of hand-applied beads and two glued on flowers. The traditional “In This Style” label was painted on paper and reinforced with Modge Podge. It’s anchored to the hat with an antique hat pin.

I can’t wait to see the Mad Hatter in his hat – Alice has been trying it out for him, and thinks she may hold on to it until he is ready…


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