Wonderland Inspiration from Studio Rayyan and Nancy Wiley

This week I’ll be sharing two more sources of inspiration for my summer Alice in Wonderland project: the work of Omar Rayyan and Nancy Wiley.

I’ve been a big fan of Omar Rayyan (AKA Sudio Rayyan) for a while, and I love his beautiful, classic Alice illustrations. Nancy Wiley is a fellow doll artist, who created an entire series of Alice in Wonderland dolls and canvases, which she used to illustrate an edition of Alice in Wonderland. She has a Red Riding Hood book coming out soon, which I’m looking forward to seeing.

“Now Dinah” by Omar Rayyan

I love how so many characters are cleverly included in this Studio Rayyan illustration. I also adore Alice’s frilly white dress and humongous hat – I like that she looks different from the traditional idea of Alice.

“Caterpillar” by Omar Rayyan

My favorite of Studio Rayyan’s Alice illustrations is this one of the caterpillar. If I was making a caterpillar doll, I would definitely want him to have those whiskers!

Nancy Wiley’s limited edition Alice in Wonderland Doll

Nancy Wiley’s work is part of what inspired me to try painting my dolls with oil paints. I love the way she treats her dolls like a canvas, painting impressionisticly on their face, skin, and even clothes.

“Rabbit Chase” by Nancy Wiley

In this print from Nancy Wiley’s book, you can see how she combined the dolls with a painted canvas to form the scene. I love the whimsical look she ended up with!

Finally, here’s a link I stumbled on when searching for Alice illustrations. The website presents the entire text of “Alice in Wonderland”, with illustrations from almost every artist to ever illustrate the book, all collected in one place. I had so much fun scrolling though!


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