Jane Eyre’s Suitcase

While I’m waiting for Jane’s paint to dry, I’ve been working on some of her accessories. Since my idea behind the doll is that I wanted to create her at the point in her story when she’s on her way to Thornfield Hall, she had to have a suitcase!

Jane’s suitcase is made from a simple miniature wooden suitcase that I purchased from a crafts store. I used torn pieces of scrapbook paper to decoupage over the wood, and added leather straps. I also tried to cover the handle in leather, although it didn’t turn out quite as nicely as I was hoping for! Jane’s suitcase also has two paper luggage tags with her name and “Thornfield Hall, England” written on them, and a tiny luggage key.

Inside, I lined the suitcase with plaid fabric in similar colors as the paper. A hand-bound leather book (my fingertips are still screaming!!) will go inside of Jane’s suitcase, for her to carry with her to her new home. I also put together her tiny pocket watch, made out of a little locket, paper clock face, and tiny watch parts held together with super glue. The pheasant feather in the suitcase is going to go on Jane’s hat. I can’t wait to get started on her outfit!


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