Antique Perfume Bottle Terrariums

I’m always on the lookout for interesting bottles or jars to create terrariums in. Recently, a couple of replica antique perfume bottles caught my eye at Michael’s. I couldn’t wait to turn them into cute shabby chic terrariums!

In the square brown bottle, I layered tiny river rocks, multi-colored moss, and red lichen. I had previously found some twigs with dried buds, which I cut down to fit into the jar.

To add to the antique look, I tied a maroon ribbon and green twine around the neck of the bottle. I strung a tiny flat replica skeleton key on the green twine.

In the taller clear bottle, I also layered little river rocks and several colors of moss. Then I added grey lichen, and two sticks tall enough to lean against one another in the neck of the bottle. To girly the terrarium up a little, I tied a pick bow and a little green twine around the bottle’s neck.


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