New Art Doll – Dickon from “The Secret Garden”

Dickon was made to represent his character from Frances Hodgeson Burnett’s classic story “The Secret Garden”. Dickon is a cheerful and kind boy who loves nature and animals, spending hours on the English moor making new discoveries. His gentle spirit helps Mary, the main character of the story, learn to trust others when she asks for his help in learning to care for her secret garden. I was inspired to create Dickon by my love for the story and for creating Victorian characters, and because he and his robin friend were the perfect choice to create for my art doll team’s birds challenge.

Dickon’s skin is made from fabric with a light leafy vine print that I tea-stained to give it an antique look and to give his skin some color. He has bright red hair and light freckles, and wears several layers of clothing. His undershirt is also tea-stained, over which he wears a floral print vest decorated with paper flowers, plaid shirt with leather elbow patches and antique amber glass buttons, and green knit sweater vest. He also wears leather boots and a knit hat that matches his vest. The key to the secret garden is tied around his wrist.

“The robin who showed the way” to the secret garden perches on Dickon’s head. He also has an antique styled miniature watering can filled with moss and daises. In one scene of the story, Dickon buys Mary seed packets to get her started with her garden. My Dickon has tiny handmade seed packets made from handmade paper and cutouts of butterflies and flowers. Inside are tiny black seed beads!

Dickon's seed packets

I’ve already made a doll for Mary’s character, and my dream is to one day illustrate “The Secret Garden” with photos of my art dolls. I’ve seen a fellow dollmaker on etsy who did this with “Alice in Wonderland”, and the result was beautiful! When I photographed Dickon, I took Mary out as well, and had a lot of fun taking pictures of them together.


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